University of Brighton: Textiles 2013

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A preview of the University of Brighton Fashion + Textile Design 2013 fashion show at Candid Arts, London

Video: James Gunn and Josh Montague

Sarah Rosa Wilson - Woven Textiles
Holly Howe - Woven Textiles
Sophie-Aimee Jensen - Knitted Textiles
Jasmine Nicholls - Knitted Textiles
Mylinh Nguyen - Woven Textiles
Katey Jane Smith - Printed Textiles
Juliet Rose Graziano - Woven Textiles
Alice Liptrot - Knitted Textiles
Last day of our exhibition at Candid Arts, London on Tuesday 25th June - 12-6pm
Kavita Ravaliya - Printed Textiles
Mylinh Nguyen - Woven Textiles
Isabel Rose Crossman - Printed Textiles